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Skating Dress 888b
Orig.: $70.00
Sale: $42.00
Skating Dress 1095b
Orig.: $65.00
Sale: $40.00
Skating Dress 1156b
Orig.: $65.00
Sale: $40.00
Skating Dress FF1434
Orig.: $60.00
Sale: $36.00
Skating Dress 2065
Orig.: $120.00
Sale: $72.00
Skating Dress 2191
Orig.: $90.00
Sale: $54.00

Unfortunately, the company has suffered a major loss to key personnel this past year to to illness and death. The company shall be temporarily closing until such time, hopefully, that a team can be reassembled to once again design, produce and ship unique designs worldwide that were the trademark of Joanie's Skating Boutique. All stock will be sold off within the next coming of months as FINAL SALE. Thank-you to our customers for their past 8 years of loyalty. All items are FINAL SALE. Many are one-of-a-kind. All prices in CAD. No taxes.

Joanie's Skating Boutique